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Aftermarket Connecting Rod Weighing & Matching

Hines offers manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic solutions for connecting rod weighing and matching balancing applications.

Hines Rod Master

The Hines Rod Master is a computerized measuring instrument designed to automate the process of weighing, sorting, and matching connecting rods. It is configured to measure both ends of the rod simultaneously displaying crank end, pin end and total rod weight. The program displays the sorting group based on the tolerance criteria defined by the connecting rod category. Part changeover can be done in a matter of minutes. The unique tooling design allows for different rod lengths and can be changed via adjustment slides. Removable centering cones are used on both the pin and crank end for centering the workpiece.

Connecting Rod Equipment Display            Connecting Rod Machine

Rod Master Typical Display


Rod Master Closeup

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Connecting Rod Weighing Machine

Hines Rod Master

connecting rod machine detail view

Connecting Rod Machine Detail View