Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Rebuild Balancing Machines for Aftermarket and High Performance Industries

Hines offers a full range of rebuild balancing equipment. Click on one of the items below with the red arrow "red right triangle bullet" for more detail on that balancing machine model.

Rebuild Balancing Machine Models

Available Tolerances

  • All Hines balancing machines measure and display force unbalance (where the amount of unbalance can be measured within 1 plane)
  • All of the machines (except the non-rotating HVS), will measure and display dynamic unbalance, two plane unbalance, and force unbalance. Force and couple unbalance are available upon request.
  • Segmentation is a standard on all Hines machines. The unbalance is broken down, or vectored, to accommodate limited areas of correction. An example is a fan with five (5) blades, or another part with locations for correction which are limited and symmetrical.
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Balancing Machine Features

  • Fast, accurate, flexible
  • Superior plane separation performance
  • Hard bearing suspension
  • Patented, factory-proven innovations