Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Balancing Tooling

Balancing Equipment Tooling

The goal of balancing is to align the mass center (principal axis of inertia) with the geometric axis (centerline) which includes the center of gravity of the workpiece. To do this, the tooling must be accurate enough to hold the workpiece in precisely the same manner as the workpiece will be held in its final application. If the tooling fails to do this, then no matter how well balanced the workpiece is on the balancing machine, the workpiece may vibrate in its final application.

Hines Industries specializes in stock or custom tooling systems for precision balancing. Whether the balancer is an HC, HO, HVR, HVS, or Special, Hines provides the right tooling answer. This includes:
  • Adapter Plates
  • Collets
  • Straight, Tapered, and Threaded Shafts
  • Air Activated Tooling Systems
  • Spring Activated Cone Systems
  • Weight Activated Expansion Types

  • as well as numerous "Specials" to do the job right!