Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Balancing Correction Methods

Material Removal

Hines Industries offers a variety of balancing correction methods ranging from standard, manual drills to automated correction systems specifically engineered for your application. In addition to our standard manual drills, Hines Industries has designed a number of systems such as Punch, Grind, Nibble, and Mill integrated corrections. Our drill correction options include single and dual-mounted with horizontal or vertical alignment. These options can be custom engineered for manual, semi- automated, or fully automated balancing machines to meet your specific production requirements.

Material Addition

On-machine welding is also available to meet you balancing application requirements.

Mass Centering

In addition to the standard mass removal or mass addition correction methods, Hines offers mass centering. This method applies balancing principles to part sub-components so that when they are combined, the resulting part is already within balance tolerance. Some times mass centering is the only correction method required, and other times, mass centering is used to remove the majority of the unbalance and more traditional correction methods are used to fine-tune the correction.


Another method for removing unbalance is to straighten or flatten a part along the axis of rotation. This type of correction is most commonly applied to long narrow parts such as spindles, driveshafts, and axels. See