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Fully Automatic Armature Balancing Machine

The HC-10/FA/3S is a fully automatic balancing machine consisting of an unbalance measure station, correction station, and an unbalance audit station. The included software will monitor accumulated balance results and automatically adjust the balance calculation program as necessary to account for tooling wear, rotor dimensional trends, etc., optimizing the correction to minimize residual unbalance.

A dual Pick & Place transfer system makes all transfers of the armature to and from an optional conveyor system and to a reject conveyor.

The HC-10/FA/3S can be equipped with contour mill, V-cut mill, or fan nibbler system or other balancing equipment options. It has a production rate of 200 to 300 pph per machine.

Armature Balancing Machine Models

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Armature balancers are based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine. For more information about these dynamic balancing machines click here.
Armature Balancing Machine With Full Automation

Armature Balancing Machine With Full Automation

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