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Blower Wheel Balancing Machines

This Hines Blower Wheel Balancer is an HO-20. It has a single station, manual balancing machine configured and tooled for balancing plastic squirrel cage blower wheels weighing up to 20 lbs. The shroud reduces windage to enable a closer tolerance to be achieved and improves operator safety by preventing contact with the rotating part.

Balancing Equipment Features

  • Single Plane and two plane balancing.
  • Transfer: Manual load and unload of workpiece
  • Correction: Manual correction by adding clips

This machine is just one example of the many configurations and weight ranges available.

Blower Wheel Balancers are typicallyl based on the Hines Horizontal Overhung Balancing Machine (HO). For more information about this Hines balancing machine click here.
Blower Wheel Balancing Machine

Blower Wheel Balancing Machine

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