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Flexplate Balancing Machine

The HVR-20/FA shown to the right is a multi station, automatic balancing machine configured and tooled for flexplate balancing.

Flexplate Balancing Equipment Features include:

  • Single plane, 20 lb. capacity, hard suspension balancing machine
  • Multi-station: Pick-up, measure, correct, audit, and sort stations
  • Automatic Transfer: Input conveyor with escapement to separate the incoming parts. Pick and place system moves the flexplate through the balancing machine. A sort station separates "in tolerance" parts from "reject" parts.

Correction: The flexplate balancer is supplied with a single hydraulically operated punch. A.C.E (Hines patented feature U.S.4,790,697) Automatic Correction Enhancement compares the expected unbalance with the actual correction. The computer automatically adjusts the correction if it finds that the workpieces are consistently being under or over corrected.

This flextplate balancing machine is just one example of the many configurations and weight ranges available.

Flexplate Balancer With Robotics

Production level balancing for flywheels and flexplates can be easily delivered with the semi-automatic balancer pictured below. In addition to robotic loading and punch correction, this balancer automatically tunes correction amounts to reduce cycle times.

2-Station Balancing Machine With Robotics

2-Station Balancing Machine With Robotics

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For information about a flexplate/flywheel combination balancing machine click here.

Flexplate balancers are based on the Hines Vertical Rotating Balancing Machine. For more information about this balancer click here.

Flexplate Balancing Machine

Flexplate Balancing Machine

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