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Gear Balancing Machine

The Hines HVR-100 in the photo is a single station, manual balancing machine configured and tooled for balancing gears. The gears are corrected by drilling. The operator turns the part to the angle for correction, closes the guard door, and the drill automatically drills the hole to the proper depth and retracts. In addition, the drill automatically moves forward to drill and back to allow the gear to be removed.

Balancing Equipment Features include:

  • Single Plane, 100 lb. capacity, hard suspension balancing
  • Transfer: Manual load and unload
  • Correction: Vertical drill with automatic drill return

This machine is just one example of the many configurations and weight ranges available.

Gear balancers are based on the Hines Vertical Rotating Balancing Machine. For more information about this balancer click here.

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