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Motor Fan Balancing Machine

The balancing act for motor-fan assemblies for HVAC and cooling systems.

This Hines balancing machine automatically clamps and spins the part under its own power. The two-plane balancer measures the unbalance and displays the blade and the number of clips required to balance the assembly. This equipment measures unbalance in one, two, or three planes (for force, right plane, left plane, and couple unbalance). Laser pointers and the computer display of the correction information (specifying # of clips and which clip weight or mass), allows an operator to correct for unbalance quickly and accurately on the first spin. This balancer works for DC and PWM motors and continues to read the correct amount of unbalance even if an operator accidentally puts the clips in the wrong place. Hines offers many motor-fan balancing machine configurations for balancing different motor-fan assemblies used for industrial, commercial, and automotive; HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and engine cooling systems. The suspension on this machine can measure unbalance caused by finger prints and is the same one we use for balancing turbines.

Motor Fan Assembly balancers can be based on the following machines.
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Motor Fan Balancer

Motor Fan Balancer

Horizontally Oriented
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