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Toolholder And Tool Balancing Machines

Toolholders and tools can be balanced quickly and precisely on the Hines Industries Model HVR-TB Toolholder Balancing Machine.

Balancing Equipment Features:

  • Hard-suspension (no calibration runs required)
  • PC computer with Windows® XP with touch screen display is standard
  • Single Step Automatic Measuring Cycle
  • Standard HSK, CAT V-30, V-40, or V-50 Taper Spindle Pilot for easy tooling changes
  • Digital or Vector display to indicate the required correction weight and angle
  • Electronic Tooling Compensation to compensate for tooling eccentricity in two spins
  • Single or Two Plane Capabilities available
  • Local Service red right triangle bullet

Tool balancers are based on the Hines Vertical Rotating Balancing Machine, click here for more information.

CAT Tooling

CAT Tooling

HSK Tooling

HSK Tooling

Tool Holder Balancer

Tool Holder Balancing Machine

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