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Torque Converter Balancing Machine

The balancing machine to the right is a Hines HVR-100 TQ (Torque Converter), rotating, single plane measuring station. The '100' represents the weight capcity of the unit which is 100 lbs. This single station machine is manually loaded for balancing the torque converter shell. The HVR uses a rugged hard suspension (vertical axis, rotating) spindle to support the workpiece and the air actuated tooling. The internal components of the converter are held in a fixed position during the measuring process. This process isolates the internal components from the outside shell allowing the unit to only measure and display unbalance in the outer shell.

Balancing Equipment Features:

  • Hard-suspension (no calibration runs required)
  • Advanced Microcomputer Analyzer
  • Standard Hardinge OD collet for easy tooling changes
  • Digital/Vector display to indicate the required correction weight and angle
  • Electronic Tooling Compensation to compensate for tooling eccentricity
  • Fixturing and tooling isolates internal components from outer shell
  • Runout sensors (contact and non-contact) are optional

The machine pictured below automatically balances torque converters. The torque converters are transferred through the machine with the help of conveyors, corrected by welding, and passed onto an output conveyor.
Fully Automatic, Torque Converter Balancer

Fully Automatic, Torque Converter Balancer

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Turbocharger balancers are based on the Hines Vertical Rotating Balancing Machine. For more information about this balancer click here.
Manual Torque Converter Balancer

Torque Converter Balancer, Manual

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Manual Torque Converter Balancer with runout measurement

Manual Torque Converter
Runout Measurement Machine

Torque Converter Balancer Display

Torque Converter Machine Display