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Turbocharger Balancing Machine

Hines manufactures dynamic balancing machines for production or rebuilding of any turbocharger component or assembly including:

  • Compressor Wheels
  • Turbine Wheels
  • Shafts
  • Center Housing/Hub Rotating Assemblies (CHRA) - for small automotive applications
Turbocharger balancers are typically based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine which offers two plane balancing. With two plane correction, the turbocharger can be corrected for stack up unbalance caused by the compressor and thrust spacers. All Hines balancing machines are hard bearing which means they are permanently calibrated and rugged enough for on-machine correction.

Contact us for service and upgrade options for your Heins Balancing Systems machines: TC-2, TC-3, TP-II, AT-2000, or FM-50.

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