Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Engine, Driveshaft, Flexplate, Flywheel Combination Balancing Machines

If your balancing application requires balancing more than one part type, but due to floor space or budget constraints you want to purchase only one machine, consider a combination balancing machine. Hines has developed many combination machines sover the years for the high throughput automotive industry, so we have the expertise to develop the combination machine and complementary equipment for your balancing application.

Flexplate And Flywheel Balancing Machine

This machine automatically balances flexplates and flywheels. The flywheels and flexplates are automatically transferred through the machine, mapped for disallowed correction areas, corrected using a hydraulic punch, and sorted onto one of two outlet conveyors for “good” and “scrap” parts.

Flexplate/Flywheel Combination Balancer

Flexplate/Flywheel Combination Balancer

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