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Small Parts Balancing Machines

Hines HC-10 offers superior accuracy in tabletop balancing at a wide range of price points.
  • For automotive and other high speed applications, the HC-10 can be designed to balance multiple parts per minute with full robotic automation.
  • For aftermarket applications the machine can be designed to balance a family of small parts including turbine components, impellers, armatures, pulleys, dampners and blowers.

The rugged hard cradle suspension ensures permanent calibration. An under-slug belt and motor with adjustable pulleys drive the workpiece. The small parts balancing machine can be ordered with a cost effective Digital Controller or a PC Based Computer System.

To the right is a fully automatic armature balancing machine with a 3-axis articulating robotic system. This machine has a capacity of 10 lbs. The armatures are corrected for any unbalance in one or two planes by V-cut milling. Automatic transfer of the armatures in and out of the balancing machine, and between stations, is performed using an overhead pick and place robotic system with grippers.

The Eliminator HC-10 is shown here with a digital controller, but it can also be ordered with an advanced computer package with Windows XP®. The weight capacity is 10 lbs.

The small armature balancer below includes laser alignment and a PC-based computer system with Windows®.

Small Armature Balancing Machine, HC

Small Armature Balancing Machine, HC-05

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For a cradle balancer with a 20 lb. capacity configured to balance superchargers click here.


Small parts balancing equipment is based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine, click here for more information.
Small Parts Balancing Machine, HC

Fully Automatic Small Armature Balancing Machine

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Small Parts Balancing Machine, HC

Eliminator HC-10

Tabletop Balancer

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Small Parts Balancing Machine Detail

Eliminator HC-10 Detail

Tabletop Balancing Machine

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