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Horizontal Balancing Machine (HO)

The horizontal balancing machine has an overhung suspension that can be used for both single and two plane balancing and can correct for force and couple unbalance. The horizontal configuration of this model of balancing equipment supports workpieces on a built-in spindle. Pulleys and shafts and special drivebelts are not needed. This allows for easier and quicker part handling and tooling than conventional balancing machines. Unbalance corrections are displayed on the first spin of a new part. This horizontal balancing machine is also well suited for larger rotors.

HO Features

  • Force and Couple Unbalance
  • Single Plane and Two Plane Measurement
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Easier and Quicker Part Handling
  • User Friendly Touchscreen Computer

Common Applications For Horizontal Balancers


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Horizontal Overhung Balancer

Horizontal Overhung Balancing Machine
for Boat Propellers, Blower Wheels, etc.

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Horizontal Overhung Balancer

Horizontal Overhung Balancing Machine
for Pump Impellers, Manual