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Vertical Balancing Machine (HVR)

The Hines Vertical Balancing Machine is a dynamic balancing machine that be used for both single and two plane balancing. The vertical configuration is suited for quick top loading of shaftless, flat shaftless rotors such as flywheels, clutches, flexplates, and fans. The unique suspension makes balancing fast and easy with superior separation of pure force and couple unbalance.


Hines has the expertise and technology to make a dynamic vertical balancing machine custom-fit to fit your process and tolerance demands. Hines manufactures balancing machines with manual operation and full automation with robotics, and conveyor equipment for producing parts at production line speeds. The level of automation can vary from on machine correction that is interlocked with the balancing process to fully automation with robotics and conveyors.

Vertical Balancing Machine Features

  • Force Unbalance
  • Single Plane Measurement
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Ability to handle flat, shaftless parts
  • Touchscreen Computer
  • Easy To Operate

Typical Balancing Applications For Vertical Balancers

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Manual Vertical Balancing Machine

Vertical Balancing Machine

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Vertical Balancing Machine

Vertical Balancing Machine

With 2-Axis Drill Correction

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