Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Pump & Propeller Balancing Equipment

High performance balancing machines for thousands less than balancing services.

Hines Industries provides balancing machines for pump and ship propulsion systems and serves more than 3,000 customers across North America and around the globe. Our balancing machines are known for their efficient, robust design, and high precision analytics and correction capabilities.

The Hines Balancing Advantage

  • High precision machinery ensures balanced parts meet or exceed your specification
  • Easy-to-use touch screen control
  • Blended correction for more efficient impeller/propeller operation
  • Multiple parts balanced on single machine
  • Automation level to match manufacturing process and budget
  • Low maintenance, robust machine base & suspension

Other Features

  • Precision tooling for short and long bore impellers
  • Single and two plane balancing

Pump System & Ship Propulsion Balancing Applications

Pump Rebuilding Equipment

Hines also designs and manufactures machines for the pump rebuilding market. See below for a balancing machine that can balance an entire pump assembly.

pump rebuild balancing machine

Pump Rebuild Balancing Machine

pump system
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Customer Recommendation

"Thanks Chris, I appreciate your quick response. The balancer is working well and having it in-house has saved Cornell thousands of dollars of outsourcing costs. Thanks again for your assistance. Ted."

Ted Wiese, Production Manager
Cornell Pump Company