Enter ISO Balancing Parameters


Force (Static) Tolerance

Two-Plane Tolerance †

0.0 oz-in

0.0 oz-in

Equivalent Displacement

0.0 in
Iso Grade Application
0.4 Spindles, High Precision Systems, Gyroscopes
1.0 Audio and Video Drives, Grinding Machine Drives
2.5 Computer Drives, Electric Motors and Generators, Compressors, Gas/Steam Turbines, Machine Tool Drives
6.3 Pump Impellers, Turbo-chargers, Fans, Flywheels, Electric Motors and Generators, Engine Components, Centrifuges, Gears, General Machinery, Water Turbines, Machine-tools,Aircraft Gas Turbines
16 Agricultural Machinery, Crankshaft Drives (inherently balanced, rigidly mounted) , Drive Shafts (cardan shafts, propeller shafts)
40 Cars Wheels, Car Wheel rims, Car Wheel sets, Car Drive Shafts, Crankshaft Drives(inherently balanced, elastically mounted)
100 Reciprocating engines, Large Crankshafts