Drive Line Balancers

Drive Shaft Balancing MachineDrive Shaft Balancing Machine (DL)

The Hines Driveshaft Balancer utilizes rugged hard bearing suspension that gives high sensitivity and permanent calibration. Part set-up and balancer operation are streamlined with menu-driven screens. Part changeover time is fast with Hines' precision balanced chucks. Hines' unique concrete base structure creates repeatability which has become an industry leader!

Drive Shaft Balancing Machine Features

The drive shaft balancing machine is a dynamic balancing machine that can measure in a single-plane or two-planes to correct for force and couple unbalance. It is typically used for long, shaft and spindle type rotors.

baseDModular Basis

The standard Hines system comes with two eight foot bases. Additional bases are available to accommodate longer shaft applications.

Balancing Instrumentation

The Hines Balancer uses proprietary software developed by Hines Industries. The software in conjunction with leading edge electronics provides a system that is fast, accurate and easy to use.

At the push of a button the operator can switch between two and three plane balance options shown in either digital or polar display. Additional screens display runout which shows amount and angle.

Industrial PC With Flat Panel Display

The industrial PC turns your balancer into an information center allowing you to run any Windows based program. User-friendly on-screen menu system for operator ease of use. Large characters are displayed on a high resolution Flat Panel display. Multiple display screens allow data to be displayed in a wide variety of formats. Unbalance readout can be displayed in digital, vector-graphic, or both formats simultaneously. The standard PC specification includes:

  • Windows® XPDrivelinewithwelder
  • 80 GB Hard Drive
  • 1 GB Memory
  • CD-RW (Optional)
  • 4 USB Ports (1 not committed)
  • Without Touch Screen (Keyboard & mouse provided)
  • With Touch Screen (Keyboard Provided)
  • Internal ethernet card 10/100/1000

Welding Equipment

Once the shaft is within runout tolerance the operator can begin the welding process. The balancer is equipped with an adjustable speed motor control that drives the spindle for the welding operation. The correct welding rotation speed is vital for proper weld. A copper strap is used to ground the shaft during welding.

The welding equipment package includes a portable welding gun holder that can be moved quickly from end to end (welder is customer supplied.)

Includes two weld gun brackets which are permanently mounted to the base. The rack system allows adjustment in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Designed for straight guns only.

The rack system offers additional flexibility for higher volume facilities. (welder is customer supplied)

Runout Sensors

Measuring the amount of runout in a driveshaft is critical. Hines has made this process fast, accurate and easy with two non-contact runout sensors. The sensors transfer signals to the computer that filter out weld seam, ovality characteristics, and other tube irregularities, to measure actual amount of tube runout. The computer then displays the amount and angle found at each sensor. This technology was originally developed by hines for high volume industrial applications.

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Customer Showcase

"Prior to getting the first 2 Hines balancers, we liked the interface on our 2 competitor Y balancers but we had to recomp every 15 minutes. We found out the Hines balancers are the best of them all by far. We have purchased additional Hines balancers since them. We rarely need any service. When service has been required, Hines has taken care of us."

Jack, Founder, Hessaire Products

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