Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Balancing Equipment Trade-Ins

Hines now offers the option of trading in your current balancing equipment for a new balancing machine.

We buy Micropoise, Heins Balancing Systems, Stewart Warner, IRD, Gilman Gisholt, and other balancers.

Balancing Equipment Trade-ins Accepted

  • Balco
  • Balance Systems
  • Balstar
  • CWT
  • GH Balancer
  • Gilman Gisholt
  • Heins Balancing Systems
  • IRD
  • Micro-Poise
  • Precibalance
  • Pro-Bal
  • Space Electronics
  • Stewart-Warner
  • Turner
  • Westport Machine
  • or any other balancing machine manufacturer
Request More Information

  • Call Hines to request a valuation for your trade-in +1 (734) 769-6622 and
  • Click here to Request A Quote Online and mention the make and model of your trade-in