Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Balancing Equipment Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrade or refurbish your existing Hines balancing machine or retrofit a balancing machine from Micropoise, Heins Balancing Systems, Balco, Balstar, CWT, GH Balancer, Gilman Gisholt, IRD, Precibalance, Pro-bal, Space Electronics, Stewart-Warner, Turner, Westport, or other balancing machine manufacturer.

Computer Upgrade Packages

Upgrade your existing balancing equipment with the latest computer and software packages. Click on the text links below for more information.

Additional Refurbishing Options

  • Replace Vibration Measuring Transducer Pick-ups and Cables
  • Fresh Paint
  • Refurbish Mechanical Components

Upgradable Machines

  • Hines Industries, Inc.
  • Balco
  • Balance Systems
  • Balstar
  • CWT
  • GH Balancer
  • Gilman Gisholt
  • Hanchette / Raydine
  • Heins balancing
  • IRD
  • Micro-Poise
  • Precibalance
  • Pro-Bal
  • Space Electronics
  • Stewart-Warner
  • Turner
  • Westport Machine
  • or any other balancing machine manufacturer

Balancing Machine Refurbishment Photos

Used HO50 4089-11 Before

Used Balancer Before

Computer Display

Computer Upgrade Package

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Used Balancer After