Grinding Wheel Balancing Machines

Grinding wheel HVS 2000

Grinding Wheel balancers are based on the Hines Non-Rotating Balancing Machine. The vertical, non-rotating or static balancer is used for single plane balancing where only force unbalance exists. On this type of balancing equipment, the part is suspended on its axis center on a frictionless pivot. The amount and direction of the tilt is precisely recorded by patented electronics and mechanical design. Spinning is not required allowing for fast, accurate, readings.

Grinding Wheel Balancing Machine Features:grindingwheels

  • Force Unbalance
  • Single Plane Measurement
  • Non-Rotating Balancing
  • Ability to handle flat, shaftless partsHVS200Kadena
  • Touchscreen Computer
  • Easy To Operate

These machines are just a few examples of the many configurations and weight ranges available.














Customer Showcase

"Our Hines balancer is working wonderfully for us. Your people have been very helpful when we do have a service need. The machine has served us well. Everybody has been very helpful and very prompt when we had a problem."


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