Supercharger Balancing Machines

supercharger balancing

Hines manufactures dynamic balancing machines for supercharger rotors. Hines has the technology to make a balancing machine to handle your process, whether you need a balancer for a manual operation or you are producing parts at a production level and need automatic balancing equipment for your superchargers.

Manual Supercharger Balancing Machine

The photo to the right is a Hines Industries Model HC-20 two-station balancing machine configured and tooled for balancing Supercharger Rotors. You can supply your own drilling station or Hines can supply one for you.

Features include:

  • Two plane (dynamic), 20 lb. capacity hard suspension balancing
  • Transfer: Manual load and unload
  • Correction: The part is marked for correction in both planes after unbalance is measured. A vertical drill mounted on a separate base is used for part correction
  • Special Software: The Number of Holes software informs the operator of the depth and location of the holes required for correction

Manual Balancing Operation

The operator places the supercharger rotor in the balancing machine. The machine spins the part and displays the amount of correction required to balance the rotor. The balancer will tell the operator how much material to remove from each lobe of the supercharger rotor. The operator does not have to calculate or vector this amount themselves. Based on the specifications for each stored part number, the balancer will display the amount to remove for three-lobed and four-lobed supercharger rotors.

supercharger balancer

Automatic Supercharger Balancing Machine

The second photo shows a semi automatic or CNC balancing machine for production level balancing. This machine automatically corrects by drilling in each plane, using two horizontal drills. All Hines balancing machines are hard bearing which means they are permanently calibrated and rugged enough for on-machine drilling correction.

Features include:

  • Two plane (dynamic), hard suspension balancing
  • Transfer: Fully Automatic
  • Correction: Drills correct both planes by axial drilling. Encoded servo feed assures precise drill depth

Automatic Balancing Operation

The operator inputs the part number for the supercharger rotor, whether three-lobed or four-lobed and places the rotor in the balancer. The operator closes the guard door which automatically starts the cycle. In seconds, the dynamic balancer determines the amount of unbalance in each plane and vectors the amount of correction required in each lobe. Two horizontal drills allow the rotor to be indexed for drilling correction in first the left plane and then the right plane. A vacuum which is actuated with each drill, keeps the machine clean. The rotor automatically respins to double check the correction and the display reads “good part” to alert the operator to remove the rotor and replace it with an unbalanced rotor. These machines are made to order to fit your business culture and operational processes. Robot load and unload, data collection, poke yoke, gaging and other testing, are all available to suit your needs.

Balancing Technology Basics for Supercharger Rotors

Unbalanced = noise, chatter, vibration, early bearing fatigue, heat build-up, lost energy

Balanced = quiet, smoother and cooler running, efficient, reduced maintenance costs

Balancing becomes more critical when rotors have:

  • Higher rpm’s
  • Larger mass
  • Smaller shaft diameters
  • Required high efficiency
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Sound level restrictions

These are just a few examples of the many configurations and weight ranges available.

Supercharger balancers are based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine. For more information about the Cradle Balancer, click here.


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"Our Hines balancer is working wonderfully for us. Your people have been very helpful when we do have a service need. The machine has served us well. Everybody has been very helpful and very prompt when we had a problem."


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