Brake Balancing Machines, Automatic

custom brake balancer fa 2When brake rotors are resurfaced, machined, or ground in any way they should be checked again for unbalance to OEM standards or better. This will reduce vibration to assure optimum braking performance. Brake rotors may be balanced by milling or adding specialized clip weights. This additional machining operation reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration and provides a smooth confident application of braking force.

custom brake balancer faThe Hines HVS (Hard suspension Vertical Static) balancing machine will display an accurate amount and angle of unbalance in as little as 1 to 2 seconds. The brake rotor is removed from the machine for correction and replaced on the machine for a final audit of the unbalance. This machine may be used for brake rotors, heavy truck and bus brake rotors, light truck and automotive brake rotors, flywheels, boat propellers, pulleys, sheaves, wheels, flanges, impellers, grinding wheels, fans, and clutches.

Brake balancers are typically based on the Hines Vertical Static Balancing Machine, click here for more information.



  • Brake Rotors
  • Heavy Truck and Bus Brake Rotors
  • Light Truck and Automotive Brake Rotors
  • Flywheel Grinding (with optional tooling)

Pictured on this page are custom brake balancing machines. These are just a couple of examples of the many custom, fully-automated, balancing machines Hines has designed and built.


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"Our Hines balancer is working wonderfully for us. Your people have been very helpful when we do have a service need. The machine has served us well. Everybody has been very helpful and very prompt when we had a problem."


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