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icuttingTurbine & Airplane Propeller Balancing Equipment

Hines balancing machines allow our aerospace industry customers to achieve the tightest tolerances in the following balancing applications:

Hines Industries meets the cybersecurity guidelines required by the Department of Defense (DoD) and is NIST 800-171 Compliant. 

Hines Industries is an industry member with The Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan and Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association

Since 1979, Hines Industries has been an industry leader in design and engineering of balancing machines, tooling, and correction methods along with part handling, automation, and production line quality improvement machines. What sets Hines apart is our flexibility to cater to specific needs of our customers. Hines industrial balancing machines are renowned for repeatable precision, rugged durability, and ease of use. In addition, Hines provides in plant training and best in the industry service and technical support for all types of balancing equipment and production improvement machines. We are the only WBENC certified and Made in the USA balancing manufacturer.

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