Hollow Spindle Tube Lathe (HSTL)

HollowspindleHollow Spindle Lathe

Made in the USA, since 1979

The Hollow Spindle Tube Lathe allows you to cut and chamfer tubing with ease and efficiency. You can also use it to remove welds from existing shafts for replacement of tube, yokes and splines.


The lathe is made with a three-jaw chuck which expands to an inner diameter of 7-1/4 inches. This allows you to cut a variety of tubing sizes.

Variable speed control on the Hollow Spindle Tube Lathe makes machining end yokes and stub yokes easy!

Hines BIG BORE Lathe

This unit is designed to accurately cut driveshaft tube to size. The expanded bore size (10 inch) will ensure that you have the capacity to cut 1810 and SPL series shafts. The cutting bit will ensure that you have the necessary chamfer required for proper welding.

The lathe can also be used in conjunction with the Hines Push-Out-Press to repair damaged shafts. In this configuration you would use the lathe to cut out the existing welds. The shaft would then be placed in the Hines Push-Out-Press. The pressed jaws will be positioned where the lathe has removed the existing weld. The unit will then hydraulically push the damaged spline or yoke off the shaft.


  • Power 220 Single Phase
  • 5HP Variable Speed Motor
  • Shipping Weight Of Unit: 4,800 pounds
  • 10 Inch Bore Capacity
  • Front Print of Machined Base: 46 inches x 30 inches

Customer Showcase

"Prior to getting the first 2 Hines balancers, we liked the interface on our 2 competitor Y balancers but we had to recomp every 15 minutes. We found out the Hines balancers are the best of them all by far. We have purchased additional Hines balancers since them. We rarely need any service. When service has been required, Hines has taken care of us."

Jack, Founder, Hessaire Products

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