Shaft Rebuilder (PSWS)

Hines P.S.W.S MachinePSWSPUP
The Hines Push-Up Press P.S.W.S. (Press, Straighten, Weld, Straighten) is designed to automate the building or rebuilding process of an automotive/truck driveshaft. The unit comes standard with two chucks, which have been modified to accept a u-joint. The operator will install the u-joint/yoke assembly into the chucks. The operator will then place the driveshaft tube into the machine aligning the tube ends with the yokes. The unit has two centering jaws that will hold the shaft centerline during the push up process, thus eliminating excessive run-out.
  • The unit includes a spring-loaded center used to hold stub shafts. This would be used in place of a chuck.
  • Unit includes a phasing locator pin, which ensures proper phasing of shaft ends.
  • The unit includes center-bearing tooling used to install carrier bearings.
  • The unit can push up new shafts or be used to repair existing shafts.
Power 220 Single Phase
Shipping Weight of unit 3000 lbs.
Shaft Max Length 100 in. 
Max Tube Diameter 6 inches 
Max Push-up Force 60,000 lbs.
Once the jaws are tightened, the shaft is ready to be pushed together. The operator can initiate the push up press process using a remote tether switch. The shaft is now ready for initial straightening prior to welding the yoke or stub ends. 
The operator will release the centering jaws and initiate a run-out measurement. The unit is equipped with a PLC controller and two non-contact run-out indicators. The controller will determine (and display) shaft run-out based on one rotation of the shaft. It will then automatically index the shaft to the correct location for correction. 
Once correction is accomplished and verified the shaft ends are ready to be welded. Manual or automatic welding options are available. Upon completion of the welding process the operator will initiate a final run-out measurement. This will allow the operator to correct for any run-out created during the welding process. The shaft can now be removed and final balanced.

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