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At the heart of a Hines balancing machine is a computer that features a dedicated microprocessor and state-of-the-art software to analyze unbalance data.

The computer, designed for ease-of-use, are adapted and programmed by Hines Industries. A high resolution, 15” flat screen display has an intuitive menu system for interfacing and programming which allows for a variety of balancing applications. This provides for high accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability. The PC software is designed with touch screen use in mind. The computer includes an industrial PC that is well suited to almost any environmental conditions. It also includes a filter board and data acquisition board designed by Hines Industries. These boards allow the balancer to take precise measurements of the unbalance.

Hines Advantage

• Windows 10
• External USB port
• Touch screen inputs (calculator and keyboard)
• Easy switching between units (ounces to grams and inches to centimeters)
• Catalog to quickly load and save setups for different shaft types
• Direct readout of amount and angle of unbalance, tolerance, RPM, time, and date
• Tooling Compensation electronically zero's out tooling unbalance and eccentricity
• Tracking filter automatically adjusts for part speed
• Part data collection for high volume machines
• On-screen, context sensitivity, help messages and menus are provided
• Password protected access of internal settings

PushuppressDrive Shaft Rebuild Press, Pushup

On the Hines Push-Up Press, a 25-ton hydraulic ram simultaneously pushes a tight joint subassembly and a splined tube shaft into the tubing. This saves considerable labor time. Stretched, heavy-duty, and high production models are available.


Small Parts BalancerHines HC-10 offers superior accuracy in tabletop balancing at a wide range of price points.

  • For automotive and other high speed applications, the HC-10 can be designed to balance multiple parts per minute with full robotic automation.
  • For aftermarket applications the machine can be designed to balance a family of small parts including turbine components, impellers, armatures, pulleys, dampners and blowers.

The rugged hard cradle suspension ensures permanent calibration. An under-slug belt and motor with adjustable pulleys drive the workpiece. The small parts balancing machine can be ordered with a cost effective Digital Controller or a PC Based Computer System.

To the right is a fully automatic armature balancing machine with a 3-axis articulating robotic system. This machine has a capacity of 10 lbs. The armatures are corrected for any unbalance in one or two planes by V-cut milling. Automatic transfer of the armatures in and out of the balancing machine, and between stations, is performed using an overhead pick and place robotic system with grippers.

The Eliminator HC-10 is shown here with a digital controller, but it can also be ordered with an advanced computer package with Windows XP®. The weight capacity is 10 lbs.

The small armature balancer below includes laser alignment and a PC-based computer system with Windows®.

For a cradle balancer with a 20 lb. capacity configured to balance superchargers click here.



Small parts balancing equipment is based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine, click here for more information.

Did you know?

Hines Industries, Inc. provides balancing services, and offers the additional benefit of providing tooling or fixtures required to balance your parts.

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The best solution for your balancing machine requirements

Whether you have a standard rotor that can be balanced with single-plane correction or a part that requires two-plane balancing with segmentation, we can find the best solution for your balancing machine requirements. We can work with individual parts, components, or systems of components, and we offer static and dynamic balancing machines.

Hines offers more than 50 standard dynamic balancing machine models and hundreds of specialized balancing equipment configurations including robotics, conveyors, and lasers. Hines engineering and manufacturing expertise can assist you with a balancing equipment package to meet the most demanding balancing applications.

The balancing machine model that is right for your application depends on the attributes and variety of the parts that will be balanced, throughput requirements, and other details about your manufacturing process.

Dynamic Balancing Applications:

  • Vertical balancing machines (HVR) and (HVS) are typically used for balancing flat or plate shaped rotors
  • Horizontal Cradle (HC) balancing machines are also referred to as universal balancing machines for the wide variety of part shapes it can balance and the fact that it provides single or two plane balancing
  • Horizontal balancing machines (HO) are used for single and two plane, dynamic balancing
  • Driveshaft (DL) balancing machines are used for shaft type parts

Customer Showcase

"We love our Hines static balancing machines. Prior to getting the first 2 Hines balancers, we liked the interface on our 2 competitor Y balancers but the computers drifted something fierce. We had to recomp every 15 minutes. Competitor Z machines didn’t drift but we didn’t like the interface. We thought the Hines seemed like a happy medium. We found out the Hines balancers are the best of them all by far. Just a few weeks after we installed and trained on the first 2 Hines balancers we ordered 3 Hines computers to retrofit our Competitors balancers and wrote to Hines, “Our machine operators are after me about getting the new Hines computers asap, before a fight breaks out over the two Hines balancers we have.” We have purchased additional Hines balancers since them. We rarely need any service. When service has been required, Hines had taken care of us."

Jack Hess, Founder, Hessaire Products

Customer Showcase

"We have had two Hines Non-Rotating Balancers for a little over 2 years now. In the two years that we have had the two machines we’ve used them to balance 100,000 parts per month. The machines read the amount and angle of unbalance in about one second! We have found the machines to be very reliable, the service is good, and overall we are very satisfied with our Hines balancing machines."

Gregory, Engineer

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